Rock n Roll is Dead

by Sun Ladders

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Sun Ladders is a four piece rock band hailing from Brooklyn, New York, formed in 2012 by Rob Hampton (guitar, vocals), Jonathan Swafford (bass), Alan O’Keeffe (guitars) and Christian Rutledge (drums). They play a stripped down brand of rock and roll, influenced by both classic bands The Faces and The Rolling Stones, as well as contemporaries Thee Oh Sees.

Before forming Sun Ladders Rob Hampton was a member of Band of Horses playing bass and guitar on the record Cease to Begin and arranging the songs “Is there a Ghost” and “Cigarettes,Wedding Bands.” He left Band of Horses in 2008 and relocated to NYC where he met Alan O’Keeffe, who was a member of the Cork bands Bass Odyssey and Sylvia Saint before moving to the New York in 2001.

Over the past two years, Sun Ladders have been playing the club circuit of New York City, honing their live show into a dynamic tour de force. 2014 brings the release of Sun Ladders’ first EP, “Rock and Roll is Dead,” as well as the group’s first US and European tours.


released August 29, 2013

Sun Ladders is Rob Hampton, Johnathan Swafford, Christian Rutledge and Alan Okeeffe. Hide Your Chidren was recorded by James Yost at Terminus Studios NYC. Mixed by Jonathan Kreinik at Boombox Magnetica. Mastered by Matt Shane. All songs by Rob Hampton and Sun Ladders copyright 2013 Say Hello to America ASCAP.


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Sun Ladders Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Rock n Roll is Dead
I keep hearing that rock and roll is dead. I've read in the paper, it's on the billboards it's what the man on the TV says. We don't need no guitars or no bass drums we can bury them in the ground. We can all be DJ's and play folk songs and fill the world with some pretty sounds. Rock and roll is dead. We've got it so easy it's taken care of, just stare into the pretty lights. We've all got our cell phones and our charge cards and free access to the porno sites. We are so distracted we don't see them robbing us all blind, but I don't hear no yelling or no screaming and that is a tell tell sign. Rock and roll is dead.

We'll gather torches and head down to the sacred ground. Stand in a circle spill our blood and watch the sun go down. We'll ask the spirits to raise you back from the grave. Build you an altar and put you back in your rightful place.
Track Name: Middle of the Ocean
I feel like I can see everything all around me. I feel like I can hear every sound all around. It's as if i am floating in the middle of the ocean. I can feel the sun coming down, kissing my skin and bouncing back again. I can taste the salt on my lips from the waves crashing in. It's as if I am floating in the middle of ocean. I feel like I am the clouds high above looking down. I feel like I am the sea and everyone is inside of me. It's as if I am floating in the middle of the ocean.
Track Name: Afterlife
Don't push that book on me. I've got plenty to read. Be Careful what your believe it isn't always what it seems. I don't need no fires of hell, I've got enough right here. With these people on TV begging for my money. I don't want your savings, I'm going to play full price in the afterlife.
Twisting words to inspire hate. Raising crowds to intimidate all those that don't believe in greased palms and fancy beads. I ain't saying how to live your life. raise your kids or treat your wife. That ain't my place to do, I live by the golden rule. I don't want your savings, I'm going to pay full price in the afterlife.
Track Name: Party in the Future
It's a party in the future and I am so glad that you came. Take a moment take a deep breathe, we've got everything. Here's a vodka and a whiskey. There's a DJ for the tunes. There's a hot tub and a dance floor and free trips to the moon. Say hello to all of your friends everyone is here. They are kissing they are dancing. They are living without fear. This is a place for all of your dremans and I want them to come true. It's a party in the future and I threw it just for you.

Oh, no the cops are here. Tell these cops that you love them and get them all a beer. Take their clothes and grab their guns and fire them into the air. This is a place for all of your dreams and I want them to come true. It's a party in the future and I threw it just for you.